Mirage Pools helps you prepare for the colder winter season

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Mirage Pools helps you prepare for the colder winter seasonWinterizing your pool during the colder season is not an exercise that should be taken lightly. Ideally you should seriously consider hiring a service that is both highly committed to the job and has a strong reputation. This is where a company like Mirage Pools can be of great service to you.

Mirage Pools understands the enormity of the winter preparation procedure that pools require and work professionally to ensure everything is done according to strict protocols so that you can enjoy your pool when the season for swimming in here. The highly trained professional team is available for consultation anytime and all you have to do is contact them and have all your winter pool problems taken care of easily.

There are many different aspects to look into when preparing your pool for the colder seasons. With the help and services of Mirage Pools, you can be assured that these varied and different aspects will be used in an individualized manner that most suits your particular needs.

The following are just some of the different areas that Mirage Pools covers during the course of providing the very best service possible for your winter season pool needs:

  • Part of the Pool Weather Preparation would require the adjustment of the pH and calcium hardness of the pool water. Balancing these elements will help to ensure there is minimal corrosion and scale build-up when the pool is closed for the colder season. Mirage Pools will ensure the pH readings are kept between 7.2 and 7.6 depending on your pool and its individual needs. The alkalinity levels are adjusted to show between 80 to 120 parts per million and the calcium hardness is adjusted to maintain readings of 180 – 220 parts per million.
  • Equipment Repair – the team will also ensure everything is completely removed from the pool such as ladders, filters, pumps, heater, hoses and any other items that may sustain damage due to the cold. All of these are carefully rinsed out and laid out to dry and then stored properly so that they can be reused when the swimming season is in full swing.
  • If you have a Salt Water Pool, you probably are already aware that normal pool closing procedures do not necessarily apply for this kind of situation. Specialized help with maintaining your salt water pool during the colder season is easily available with Mirage Pools, as they are more than capable of providing you with competent and compatibly priced services. At Mirage Pools, the team understands the high sensitivity of salt water pools and its rules for colder preparation procedures.
  • Another process that requires skill and technical knowledge is the Acid Wash process. The Mirage Pool team of professionals will ensure the acid wash process does not strip the layers of plaster coat, which is so commonly done with other service providers. They understand the importance of this and work to ensure this layer is not damaged during the acid wash exercise.
  • Pool Repairs are usually quite commonly needed at some point during the life span of your pool and having a reputable company take on these repairs will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Mirage Pools always ensures their repair quotes are fair, where only necessary items are changed.  
  • The before and after Pool Cleaning Service is a necessary part of reuse during any season. There are a lot of specialized processes that are usually required for pool cleaning in preparation for the colder season and Mirage Pools undertakes these with ease. With their highly trained professional team, the pool cleaning process is always quickly and competently handled.

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