Sink or Swim: How to Deal With the California Drought If You Have a Pool

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sink-or-swimCalifornia is currently facing one of its worst water crises in history. And being a state in which having a swimming pool in almost every house has become the norm, homeowners and pool maintenance Riverside companies are facing a huge dilemma on their hands.

This harsh drought has brought about several ordinances and restrictions that limit pool owners and service companies, especially when it comes to building a new swimming pool. Not only that, but there have been strict guidelines concerning draining and refilling pools that some owners just opt to leave their pool all dried out to save themselves from the hassle of it all. Some say that it’s quite unfair with how the authorities are seeing pools as total water-wasters and even going so far as to challenge such restrictions. However, this may seem like a dead-end in the meantime given the fact that the main focus is in alleviating the drought.

If you’re a pool owner in California, there are ways that you can act on in order to preserve your pool water’s longevity. This is very pertinent especially if there are established constraints in your municipality concerning the filling of pool water. First things first, don’t forget to place a pool cover on when nobody’s using it. This would at least prevent fast evaporation of water, particularly when the weather gets really hot. Also, do your part in the regular upkeep of the pool as best as you could.

Of course, if you don’t exactly have the time for it, you can also acquire the services of a pool cleaning Riverside company. These professionals can help you in maintaining your pool and you can be rest assured that they will do it right and without fail as well. They can find certain cracks and broken areas and prevent water from leaking. They can also take a good look at your water filter and make sure that it’s working efficiently. Furthermore, these companies are also vigilant and knowledgeable about the changes implemented regarding all the restrictions and ordinances in your area. They can assist you with how to best deal with the situation and how to preserve your pool. It’s better to be safe than sorry when trying to deal with these drastic changes brought about by the California drought.